What We Designed

A System of Innovation

In order to capture any sustainable value from introducing new choices, a new, systematic way of thinking about product innovation is required.

Innovation in highly commoditised industries like wagering cannot be an isolated exercise, nor can it be expected that new innovation is non-replicable or perpetually sustainable. To truly differentiate from a product perspective in an industry with low barriers to entry, there needs to be a system of innovation.

Winning companies that want to generate above market profit margins will invest in a system of innovation which allows for the release of new products and business models, which anticipate unmet customer needs. The perceived value proposition of the company then changes from price competitor to customer experience shaper.

We believe sustainable innovation in wagering encompasses three key principles: 

1. Anticipate unmet customer needs – by purposely taking an ‘outside-in’ view. This means observing customer behaviours in different settings outside wagering to understand where inspiration for innovation can be brought in

2. Discrete offerings – Develop discrete products to fulfil said needs which makes the product stand out so customers are able to understand and acknowledge the value

3. Standalone sustainability – The product itself must have a sustainable business model and be revenue accretive on its own right in the long term

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