We’re changing the paradigm of product innovation in wagering

Our Story

We’re innovators. We’re outsiders.


Our foray into sports betting started as punters, where we were betting on sports using sophisticated financial market inspired trading techniques. Following our many years of participation and observation as customers, we realised that there were clear opportunities to enhance the customer journey by enabling more choice and flexibility.

We decided to flip our perspective


We brought together our years of experience in actuarial science, financial markets, technology, strategy and acquired skills in wagering to create VVV Solutions – an Australian based technology company focussed on changing and enriching the wagering customer experience.

We exist to support operators deliver compelling products


Our goal is to support operators make the necessary transition to building more unique and compelling products. We’ve organised our business to solve a significant pain point – sustainable innovation. To help realise our goal, we’ve invested heavily in bringing on significant capabilities in technology and core wagering operations and are ready and primed to take the industry to its next level of innovation.

The Opportunity

Our thesis on the market opportunity stems from a belief that wagering customers expect a more personalised experience, which the industry has not facilitated. This should form the focus of how operators contemplate their innovation agenda

Customer expectations have shifted


The rise of platform based digital business models have changed the expectations customers have of their digital products. Digital market leaders deliver transparency, choice and flexibility in product architecture, with customers now expecting this as standard.

The industry has been slow to respond


Beset by significant regulatory changes and M&A activity, wagering operators have not kept up with innovation available to customers in adjacent industries. A simple evening spent watching wagering ads on television would show you ads focussed on bonus bet, first goalscorer and loyalty point offers. Notwithstanding that these “nearsighted” offers are important to build brand awareness, savvy operators would recognise the breadth of opportunity presented by adjacent industries and would seek to balance their innovation portfolio with more disruptive offerings to truly move market share.

Operators must act


Given the insight above, operators have a burning platform to innovate if they are to truly create compelling customer experiences and move market share.

To understand the innovation opportunity, we’ve studied the underlying behavioural changes that have been created within consumers in adjacent industries. It’s our clear belief that operators who give customers greater choice and flexibility in product delivery, will create better customer experiences and therefore, more market opportunities.

What We Designed

A System of Innovation

In order to capture any sustainable value from introducing new choices, a new, systematic way of thinking about product innovation is required.

Innovation in highly commoditised industries like wagering cannot be an isolated exercise, nor can it be expected that new innovation is non-replicable or perpetually sustainable. To truly differentiate from a product perspective in an industry with low barriers to entry, there needs to be a system of innovation.

Winning companies that want to generate above market profit margins will invest in a system of innovation which allows for the release of new products and business models, which anticipate unmet customer needs. The perceived value proposition of the company then changes from price competitor to customer experience shaper.

We believe sustainable innovation in wagering encompasses three key principles: 


Anticipate unmet customer needs

Take an ‘outside-in’ view and observing customer behaviours in different settings outside wagering to understand where inspiration for innovation can be brought in

Discrete offerings

Develop discrete products to fulfil said needs which makes the product stand out so customers are able to understand and acknowledge the value

Standalone sustainability

The product itself must have a sustainable business model and be revenue accretive on its own right in the long term

Our wagering innovation manifesto

Ultimately, we’re trying to transform the wagering customer experience. Our manifesto below is a sneak peak of the approach we’re taking, in concert with operators, to innovate the way they go to market.

For Operators


VVV is the right partner for you.

We have spent the past two years working with a market leader on their product portfolio and propositions to market. This relationship was formed as a result of the proprietary product set we’d built after spending time as punters and studying and understanding customer behaviour. The knowledge we’ve learnt from both our time as punters, innovators and working with a larger operator has positioned us well to help drive the next wave of innovation in the industry.

Our lessons learnt on accelerating innovation

We recognise working in a B2B relationship requires a specific style of working and expertise. Some of the key lessons learnt are:

Focus on revenue generation

Creating new, sustainable revenue sources through product innovation can be a challenging undertaking, which requires considered focus. We have built our business to focus on this topic exclusively, allowing our clients the ability to focus on the many other parts of their business

Clearly defining roles

We engage our clients with defined products, a system of innovation and adaptable ways of working. Partnering these capabilities with the strong expertise that our clients bring in trading, marketing and regulation leads to a fruitful and productive relationship

Scalable technology

Our proprietary products have been built to be scalable across sports, markets and geographies

Regulatory preparation

We recognise the importance of building regulatory confidence and getting regulatory approval. We work collaboratively with our B2B partners and their legal and compliance teams to assist them through this process

Play to win in defined customer segments

We recognise each wagering operator has a different customer segment strategy. Our products are scalable and our way of working is adaptable to allow our clients to drive greater revenue growth in their chosen customer segments

Engaging With Us

Use our proprietary product suite to give you a market advantage

  • Our products are delivered through a SaaS solution
  • Our products allow you to clearly differentiate against competitors
  • They provide operators with the opportunity to improve in-play customer engagement during each event
  • They make the market more attractive to a broader range of punters, and a broader range of events attractive to existing punters
  • They are simple to understand and use

Engage us as your innovation partner

Our experience in working with leading operators and building proprietary products makes us an ideal innovation partner

Contact us using the link below to have a conversation about either or both of the opportunities above

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